Food Nutrition & Healthy Eating Licences

From: £20.00 plus VAT

A comprehensive learning resource for those working with food. This course follows the Level 2 standard in Healthier Foods and Special Diets and is ideal for those who wish to develop their understanding of the principles of healthy eating and the role of diet and exercise in maintaining good health.


Staff working in care homes, schools, hospitals, prisons or others interested in diet and health.

Cost: £20 (Members), £23 (Non-Members), all plus VAT, per delegate
Duration: 2 hours

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Course Content
  • The link between diet and health
  • How the human body uses nutrients
  • How social, cultural, ethical, economical, political, geographical and religious beliefs are linked to diet
  • Making healthy choices
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Food Labelling
  • Reducing salt, sugar and fat in the diet
  • 5-a-day and the eatwell plate initiative
Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Name the five main types of accident highlighted by the HSE
  •  Identify hazards in food industry workplaces
  •  Name the legislations food companies must comply with
  •  Explain the responsibilities of owners, managers and employees in the workplace
  •  Explain what must be reported under RIDDOR
  •  Give some health and safety statistics
  •  List the 5-steps of a risk assessment
  •  Explain what to do in the event of a small fire starting
  •  Explain what should be in an evacuation plan
  •  Explain what ‘bioterrorism’ is
  •  Explain what the Government advice is in the event of a terrorist attack
  •  Name some major workplace accident categories
  •  Name the types of accidents and injuries that can occur in the food industry

On completion of the course lessons and training material an online assessment will automatically unlock. The assessment will contain 30 multiple-choice questions and a mark of 75% or above will be required to pass. The assessment will be marked instantly so delegates will know straight away if they have passed. If they don’t pass first
time there’s no need to worry. Unlimited resits at absolutely no additional charge are available so the assessment can be taken again as many times as required.