Food Labelling Licences

From: £25.00 plus VAT

This Food Labelling course has been designed to help gain a better understanding of food labelling regulations and how to label food products legally and correctly.

Cost:  £25 (Members), £28 (Non-Members), all plus VAT, per delegate
Duration: 90 minutes

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Training Course Content

This course is made up of the following modules:

Section 1 – Why do we label food?

  • Legislation requirement
  • Customer expectations

Section 2 – Labelling requirements

  • Types of foods that require labelling
  • Information required on a label
  • Information not required on a label

Section 3 – Specific rules

  • Specific rules for some products
  • Ingredient lists and quantities

Section 4 – Warnings

  • Food and drink warnings
  • Nutrition health claims and supplements
  • Organic food

Section 5 – Standards

  • Organic certification
  • BRCGS Requirements