Introduction to Food Safety Licences

From: £25.00 plus VAT

This introduction to food safety will equip the delegate with an understanding of food safety hazards, the risks they pose to consumers and the mechanisms of control.

Cost:  £25 (Members), £28 (Non-Members), all plus VAT, per delegate
Duration: 30 minutes

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• Aims of the Course
• Benefits of Good Food Safety
• Costs of Poor Food Safety

Section 1 – Food Safety Hazards
• Understanding the four types of hazards: Physical, Chemical, Allergenic and Biological
• Where bacteria are found
• The main reason for food poisoning
• Food poisoning symptoms
• Vulnerable groups
• Different types of food poisoning bacteria
• What is an allergen
• The 14 defined allergens
• Cross Contamination

Section 2 – Personal Hygiene
• Protective clothing
• Entering and working in a food preparation area
• Hand washing
• Cross contamination

Section 3 – Other Essential Good Practices
• Temperature Control
• Different Stages of Cleaning
• Understanding the different cleaning chemicals
• Food pests & pest control
• Traceability
• Food factory golden rules