Use of the SOFHT logo

Company members may use the SOFHT logo or mention their membership (“Company Member of The Society of Food Hygiene Technology”) on visiting cards and letter heading and no prior approval is necessary.

If companies wish to use the Society’s logo on a company website, this is permitted providing a link is made to the Society’s own website ( and the Society is notified that this has been done. The SOFHT logo must not be displayed to imply any approval or recommendation of a company’s products and/or services but demonstrate Society membership.

Company members may use the SOFHT logo or mention their membership on sales literature, etc. but not so as to imply that the Society has given endorsement of their products or services. All literature should be referred to the Society office at the earliest possible draft or proof stage. At least three Council Members will consider each request. Their decision is final.

It is not possible for the SOFHT logo to appear on products or labels as this would imply endorsement of products.

A gif file can be sent by email on request.

If membership of the Society is allowed to lapse, the use of the logo, description of membership and/or link to website should not be used.

It is not permissible for Individual Members to use the Society’s logo.

The Society appreciates the desire by members to inform colleagues/customers of their membership and hopes that these guidelines will avoid misunderstandings. For further advice, please contact the Society’s office.