BRCGS Global Standard For Food Safety Conference Issue 9 – The Impact Of Pre-Requisite Programs On Food Safety Management Systems - 27th February

For nearly 25 years the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety has been at the forefront of supporting food and beverage manufacturers in successfully maintaining their food safety management systems. This has enabled the UK’s food production industry to establish an enviable reputation as one of the safest in the world supplying high quality, safe food to the population through the food retail network. This conference will focus on areas of the BRCGS standard which continue to present a challenge to food manufacturers, based on the non-conformities identified during the last 12 months of auditing against BRCGS issue 9. It will bring together industry expertise on the common prerequisite elements of the standard that have most frequently been found lacking, and will include those actually dealing with the issues and the auditors that operate on the front-line of food safety. This event offers a timely reminder of the importance of a robust pre-requisite management programme, as a critical foundation for food safety, to all quality managers, hygiene professionals, auditors and specialist consultants.